Rue Du Balboa

Rue Du Balboa carries the latest fashions of chic comfort [...]

Rue Du Balboa2023-12-11T13:30:41-08:00

Balboa Island Museum

The Museum's mission is to "preserve the Island heritage and [...]

Balboa Island Museum2023-12-11T13:31:57-08:00

Olive Oil & Beyond

Mono cultivar extra virgin olive oils are our specialty - [...]

Olive Oil & Beyond2023-12-11T13:32:47-08:00

Magnolia Charlie

Welcome to Magnolia Charlie, a children’s clothing boutique on Balboa [...]

Magnolia Charlie2023-12-11T13:33:39-08:00

Debra Huse Gallery

“Debra Huse takes a loving look at the quintessential California [...]

Debra Huse Gallery2022-12-20T11:02:06-08:00

Balboa Candy

The Balboa Candy Company is family owned and operated with two locations to [...]

Balboa Candy2023-12-11T13:35:00-08:00

Etcetra Etc

Etc. Etc. has been the home of local fashion insider [...]

Etcetra Etc2023-12-11T13:36:21-08:00


Amore Boutique has been in business since 2010. From the [...]

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