Mono cultivar extra virgin olive oils are our specialty – Raw, unadulterated, and 100% first-pressed producing the highest levels of flavor, nutrients and antioxidants. We source and import from only small artisan growers who put great attention to tradition and craftsmanship from grove to bottle. Our growers use only sustainable methods, harvesting their crop by hand at optimum ripeness, and close monitoring during every phase of the milling process. But we don’t stop there… Before we showcase them in our showrooms, we test their chemical composition to further validate freshness, quality and nutritional value. We source and Import ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils from around the globe to gather the best cooking oils and dipping oils. Majority of our selections are DOP, and Gold Medal Winners. Our inventory includes oils from Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Tunisia, France, California, Chile, Argentina and Australia.

Beyond extra virgin olive oils, we source and import variety of other fine and hand crafted products including premium & genuine aged balsamic vinegar, specialty oils, infused olive oils & olive oil skin care products. Balsamic vinegar has been popular and seen as a luxury since the 1700s. Today we import and sell only genuine traditional balsamic vinegar that has honored with 4 leaf, the highest level of grading in the industry, as well as several specialty aged flavored balsamic vinegar. Our fused & infused oils can be used to add a unique flavor to any dish. Drizzle over a dish of pasta, as an appetizer with artisan breads, or to complement balsamic vinegar to make an amazing salad dressing.