Balboa Surf and Style is located on the heart of Newport Beach’s shopping district, Balboa Island. We come from an extensive background with over 50 years in the surf industry. Our mission as a company is to cater to the everyday and once a year beach goers. Balboa Surf and Style carries some of the most prestigious brands in the industry. Whether you are a local to the island, or visiting, we’ve got you covered with something to take home.

Our goal is to make sure that you get to take a piece of California back with you wherever you’re from. Not only do we carry the top brands, we hand-pick each piece to make sure that it fits the Island style. With an exclusive rights with Isle Stand-Up Paddleboards, we offer a great program to get you paddling out on the water. If you find that you loved your rental and want to take a board back home, you will receive an exclusive deal on the board you rented!