From time to time, there is unexpected excitement upon the Balboa Island Ferry. In the past you have seen it in the news for a Prius almost going over and a van that did go overboard. It’s been a while since a Prius “unexpectedly lurched forward”, for those of you that remember that story from June.

Today was like any other day for the Roose family. We boarded the Commodore from Balboa Island and sailed west to the fun zone for a day of adventure and games. Scarlett (3 year old daughter) was taking care of her baby doll (who is every bit a real member of the family) and enjoying the beautiful day. It was 82 degrees and sunny, just a week before Thanksgiving. As we were about to dock, Oliver (1 year old son) grabbed the baby doll blanket from our bag and tossed it overboard. It happened all too quickly. Scarlett didn’t see it so I almost just kept quiet. However, my daughter has an insane memory for every little thing and she would know when and where it disappeared. I also thought it would be good to be honest and work through this event together.

“Scarlett… sweetie… buddy just threw your baby doll blanket overboard…”, I said with a hopeful pause. I instantly thought I should have gone with plan A, of being quiet. Scarlett started balling hysterically and as we exited everyone was oooing and awwing thinking she had a fear of riding the ferry. I explained that Oliver just tossed her baby blanket overboard. We walked up the dock and I was trying to calm her down and think of a creative way to rescue it… Is there a nearby paddleboarder? Something, anything… Will it drift our way prior to sinking?

Balboa Island Ferry Baby Blanket RescueSuddenly a bunch of seagulls and pelicans swooped in to pick at it and check it out. Scarlett continued to cry and tell her baby doll she is so sorry. We turned away from the unbearable torture and I had apologized for it now being a “goner”.

I glanced back one last time and could not believe my eyes… Captain Austin and Kayla of the Commodore took it upon themselves to perform a rescue mission. Regrettably, I missed the “action shot” of Kayla crawling under the bar and reaching into the water for the rescue, while holding up other boats and another ferry. We waited patiently for them to make the round-trip and reunite baby doll with her blanket. We felt awfully special and wanted to give a huge thanks to the Balboa Island Ferry.  We ride the ferry often and the workers are always so friendly and caring. Thanks for making such a great memory and many more to come.

~ Steve Roose