Trick or Treat!

The Halloween decorations on Balboa Island are something to see. [...]

Trick or Treat!2014-10-31T14:37:32-07:00

Castles on the Sand

Big crowds turned out for the 53rd Annual Sandcastle Contest [...]

Castles on the Sand2014-10-09T02:19:05-07:00

Art in the Park

There is nothing like vibrant, colorful art to bring a [...]

Art in the Park2014-09-23T13:22:04-07:00

EM Electrical

Eric is a local Electrical Contractor! Contact Eric for your [...]

EM Electrical2014-08-09T02:41:24-07:00

Ruby’s Diner

Located on the Balboa Pier. A '40s-style chain diner serving [...]

Ruby’s Diner2014-07-21T22:42:37-07:00

Balboa Island Museum

The Museum's mission is to "preserve the Island heritage and [...]

Balboa Island Museum2014-07-17T23:36:56-07:00