balboa_candySince Balboa Island is a vacation paradise the sweet snacks available here are almost as important as the gourmet cuisine. We’ve corralled some of the tastiest low-calories treats available on the Island so you can snack happy and still look great on the beach in your bikini!

Snow cone with 3 oz of syrup is only 270 calories and has zero fat. Dad’s Donut & Bakery Shop at 318 Marine Avenue has these delicious treats as well as low-calorie ice cream and frozen bananas- another low-cal option on a hot day. A frozen banana, about medium size, dipped in chocolate and coated in crunchy peanuts is 310 calories or dipped in sprinkles its 300. So saddle up your fruit cravings because that’s a tasty Island-style option!

Starbucks on the Island has an entire menu of delicious drinks under 200 calories. A scrumptious treat for a cool day is the Caramel Frappuccino Light blended drink which has only 130 calories and a kick of caffeine as a bonus boost!

tutti-fruitti-yogurt-3The frozen yogurt shop on the Island, Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt Company, serves up some delicious fat-free fro-yo options to tempt you on a sweaty summer’s day. For around just 100 calories (without toppings) for a half-cup serving you can score a really refreshing snack. Favorite flavors include: coconut mint, lemon, lychee berry (a Hawaiian favorite), banana pudding and orange cream. Flavors change often so stop by more than once! (Erm… not in the same day though!)

Balboa Candy, located on the corner at 301 Marine Ave, specializes in almost every flavor of salt water taffy you can think of but they also have some sugar free options scattered in. This old-school candy palace houses sweet throw-backs from the 60s and inventive new flavors as well so everyone will find something that pleases their sweet tooth here.  Sugar free candy selections include: cinnamon drops, root beer barrels, caramel drops, chocolate and cream chews and lemon drops. But if you want to sample the real deal there are about 160 calories per one serving of taffy which gets you 7 delectable pieces of bliss!

Happy Snacking this Summer Friends!