Locals and tourists agree – Balboa Island is an unforgettable place. Whether you grew up in Newport or have spent your vacations here, the island is at the heart of many warm and wonderful memories!

It’s really no surprise that Balboa Island has a huge following on Pinterest. People from all over the world are pinning their personal impressions of the island, and the overall effect is diverse and beautiful.

Many of the images are immediately familiar – Marine Avenue, the ferry, and the Balboa Pavilion – but you’ll also find unique photos of paintings, cottage gates, flowers and family memories.

The mix of fashion and interior design shots really helps convey the cool beach vibe of Balboa Island and is an excellent resource if you want ideas for a remodel. There is also stunning engagement and maternity photography on the site. An abundance of inspiration for lots of different life projects!

Some things are just so unique to Balboa Island, that you can’t help but smile when you see them – Dad’s hippo cookies, Balboa bars, the Fun Zone, the ferry, and sunsets over the bay. Check out Balboa Island on Pinterest. If you can’t be here in person, there’s nothing like a virtual vacation!