The Halloween decorations on Balboa Island are something to see. Residents are full of the spookiest spirit! With pumpkins, lanterns, bats and rats everywhere you look, you just may get a shiver down your spine.

Balboa Island is a trick-or-treat destination for Newport Beach and all over Orange County. If you want to spend Halloween night on the island, get your game plan ready now. First of all, you’ll want to go early because parking is pretty much nonexistent after 5 or 6 ‘o clock. Your best bet is to get dropped off by whoever is handing out treats at YOUR house.

The shops on Marine Avenue are always brilliantly decked out, and many owners hand out candy to the little ones. It’s a great idea to grab an early dinner at Picante Martin’s or Crocker’s before you really hit the town.

All along the boardwalk, the homes are lit up and adorned with vampires, skeletons, ghosts and ghouls. Don’t miss the Grim Reaper on the dock and flying ghosts at 802 South Bayfront. And you’ll delight in the macabre humor of the Balboa Island Medical Clinic and Butcher at 115 Diamond.

As the tiniest tots head home to bed, the big kids come hustling in, thrilled to spend Halloween here. You’re never too old to trick-or-treat on Balboa Island!