One year ago, was the onset of Covid worldwide and as we all know, it was devastating for many people’s health and small businesses. Some of our long time island merchants went out of business and some new business owners had just opened shop pre-covid. For new owners, they have no idea what a normal year feels like vs how much is covid related. What I loved seeing was the adaptability of merchants and residents, the fight to survive, change and thrive. The fight to hang on to that business dream on Balboa Island’s 2 blocks of quaint shopping and dining. Additionally our local residents and residents from all over Southern California (from LA to SD and inland), came out to the island repeatedly to help support our community. As a real estate broker, I first thought our industry was going to suffer greatly due to lack of marketability, fear, etc. It then turned into the greatest real estate market in a decade and the highest numbers we have ever seen. Blessed with all of this additional business, it was an extremely hard time to work with kids only in school for 2 hours a day… and the reality is we are all struggling with similar things. Having KTLA’s Wendy Burch come down to the island and feature our wonderful community, added a breath of fresh air to Balboa Island and ignited a sense of adventure among TV viewers to come on down and enjoy some of Balboa Island’s specialties and it’s beautiful location in Newport Harbor. If you haven’t been to Balboa Island in a while or ever… come on over and checkout our community soon!

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Balboa Island Baking Company

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Sur La Mer

Balboa Jerky Company

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