Booo! Come and enjoy a walk around the island to see many of the fabulous Balboa Island Bay Front homes decorated for Halloween! Hit Marine Avenue for dinner, a warm drink or treats!

Big Island Perimeter: 1.7 miles
Little Island Perimeter: 0.8 miles
Total Distance: 2.5 miles

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Bay Front Homes[/section_title]
When walking the perimeter of Balboa Island, you’ll be seeing spectacular bay front homes as well. Some of the Balboa Island bay front homes are listed for sale and typically range from 3.5m to 7m depending on location, age, condition and whether they have a private dock or mooring. Here is a list of the current Balboa Island Bay Front Homes for sale. Keep an eye out for them! Don’t let the prices scare you. This lifestyle is worth every penny!

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