Sugar ‘n Spice

Sugar ’n Spice has been a Balboa Island landmark since our doors first opened to the public way back in 1945. Our shop is the one-and-only “Original”, being the very first frozen banana and Balboa Bar shop on the Island.

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Balboa Candy

The Balboa Candy Company is family owned and operated with two locations to [...]

Balboa Candy2015-10-20T17:40:03-07:00

Balboa Parasail

Experience the thrill of floating through the air with California's [...]

Balboa Parasail2015-07-21T23:46:31-07:00

Balboa Water Sports

Located in the historic Balboa Fun Zone, Balboa Water Sports [...]

Balboa Water Sports2015-07-21T23:35:27-07:00

Duffy Boat Rental

Renting a Duffy electric boat is the perfect way to [...]

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Starbucks Coffee

[section_title heading="h2"]Description[/section_title] Seattle-based coffeehouse chain known for its signature roasts, [...]

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New York-style Italian eatery offering pasta, pizza, seafood & wine [...]


Picante Martin’s

Mexican eatery offers counter-serve Mexican fare & fountain sodas in [...]

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Trattoria is an informal, small Italian-style, eating establishment; less formal [...]


The Village Inn

Comfortable place with a fireplace & bar serving American fare [...]

The Village Inn2015-07-21T22:07:14-07:00

Wilma’s Patio

Relaxing, family-friendly eatery offers hearty portions of American comfort food [...]

Wilma’s Patio2015-07-21T03:30:22-07:00

Basilic Restaurant

Small, quaint French-Swiss eatery with a seasonal menu & nightly [...]

Basilic Restaurant2015-07-20T23:47:06-07:00