Since the February approval of a $6.3 million dollar contract to replace the 86 year old bridge on Park Avenue, construction workers have been at work daily.  Monday, June 13th will be the first day the temporary bridge on Balboa Ave will open. Who will be the first car to cross at 10AM? Can we get a unique local car to hold the first position? This is history in the making people!

For those of you out of the loop, the temporary bridge connects Balboa Island to Little Balboa Island. It will only be there during the replacement phase of the Park Avenue bridge. Once the new Park Avenue bridge is replaced, it is intended for it to improve access for cars and pedestrians. It will have wider sidewalks as well as street lanes. The new bridge should be completed in early 2017. Until then grand canal residents will have plenty too watch and hopefully not too much noise.

Temporary Balboa Island Bridge