Newport Landing Whale Watching has been offering whale watching cruises for over 20 years from Newport Bay. This spring is no exception. Join Newport Landing’s whale watching cruises offered daily and  jump on the chance to take part in something spectacular. This spring, the California Gray Whale will make the longest mass migration of any marine mammal. As these gray whales migrate along the Orange County coast, Newport Landing Whale Watching will be offering multiple whale watching cruises daily from the Balboa Peninsula to view these giants.  It is not uncommon to see 5 or more gray whales in a single whale watching cruise during this time!

Cruises will run until April 30, 2012. Cruise times are at 10 am and 1 pm on weekdays and 9 am, noon, and 2:30 pm on weekends. Prices are $30 for adults and $25  for juniors.

Feeling bummed because you’ll miss this great opportunity? Don’t fret. The annual “Summer Giant Blue Whale Migration” will be bringing thousands of blue whales to the waters of Newport Beach this summer/fall.  Giant blue whales were once considered quite rare off southern California, but over the last five years this has changed dramatically with hundreds/thousands of giant blue whales spotted each year. These giants of the sea reach lengths of 100 feet and are the largest of all animals. Along with viewing these whales, the second largest whale in the world, the finback whale, has also taken to the waters of southern California during the same months as the blue whales. Giant pods of common and bottlenose dolphin are also very common with pods numbering in the thousands. These dolphin pods come within arms reach as they play along side the whale watching ship. Viewings are so good that there is a 96% viewing success rate and if nothing is viewed a free pass for another whale watching cruise will be offered. Over 2000 whales were viewed during the summer of 2011!

The summer/fall excursions will run from May until November daily at 9 am, noon and 3 pm (2 1/2 hour whale watching cruise). Prices are $30 for adults and $25  for juniors.

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