Newport Coastal Adventure

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With a fast, fun, and safe military-style Zodiac inflatable boat, we take just six passengers on a semi-private or private 2 hour excursion that is sure to be a highlight of your year. Our boat is twice as fast as the competition, allowing us to give you an experience unlike any other offered in Orange County.

Newport Coastal Adventure’s trips combine whale watching and a coastal tour. And because of the light load, passengers receive the personalized attention of the captain to answer their questions or accommodate requests.

Our whale watching segment takes place two to eight miles “offshore” in search of dolphins or whales. While sightings are not guaranteed, waters off of Newport Beach are typically very productive for viewing Common dolphin, Bottlenose dolphin, and Pacific white-sided dolphin, along with Gray, Blue, Fin, or Humpback whales depending on the season. Our 23′ boat, with its air-filled pontoons, makes interacting with dolphins and whales a comfortable and close up experience. Leaning over the side of the boat, you can almost touch the dolphins as they playfully ride our bow wake. And because our engine is quiet four-stroke, we don’t annoy the whales with loud noise, enabling them to get comfortable with our boat.

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Your Newport Coastal Adventure also includes a 30 minute coastal tour, with the following highlights:

  • We start with our passage through Newport Harbor and its impressive waterfront homes.
  • Entering the ocean and picking up our speed, the first highlight is the unique coastline of Corona del Mar with its beautiful keyhole rocks, coves, and the notable 22,000 square-foot seaside “Portabello Estate”.
  • Moving south, we’ll show you the historic cottages of the Crystal Cove enclave and State Park, which still stand as a reminder of the vintage and carefree OC beach lifestyle of past.
  • Crossing into Laguna Beach, the Abalone Point headland anchors the beautiful and exclusive Irvine Cove, home to OC’s largest harbor seal colony on the inter-tidal rocks, with stunning cliff side mansions overhead.
  • Around the point is Emerald Bay’s pristine half-mile long private beach, followed by an offshore rock that’s home to dozens of California sea lions in their natural habitat.

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