We all love the beach, but going with a carload of kids can be stressful for moms. Here’s a wonderful Newport secret for you – Mother’s Beach. Just a hop, skip and a jump from Balboa Island, Mother’s Beach is the perfect place to take little ones without the anxiety of huge waves and crowds.

This small secluded beach faces Newport Harbor and is about a mile from Balboa Island. To get there, come off the island and turn right on Bayside Drive. Go through the stop sign by Irvine Terrace, then watch for a blue sign on your left that says “Public Beach – Pedestrian Access” and a sign on your right for “Harbor Patrol”. Turn right into the parking lot and you’re there.

Mother’s Beach has everything you need for a fun day at the seashore, starting with beautiful white sand, picnic tables, convenient restrooms and outdoor showers. But the most appealing thing for families is that the water is protected by the coastline and a little jetty, creating a serene inlet. Children can play in the sand next to calm, lapping waves and float on rafts in the shallow water close to shore. The jetty is like a giant playground for kids to climb on and search for sand crabs. There’s a volleyball net that’s permanently set up and open to all. And there’s plenty of room on the sand for playing whiffle ball or paddleball.

Mother’s Beach is a delightful place for get-togethers and children’s birthday parties. A kayak club often meets there, since it’s such a great spot for kayak and paddleboard launches. Late in the afternoon, they hang out and sing to the sounds of a ukulele player.

This public beach is also the main office for Newport’s Harbor Patrol; so much of the parking lot is reserved for official vehicles. If parking isn’t available, there’s plenty of room to pull up and drop off your beach gear, and then you can usually find street spaces on Bayside.

If you have toddlers and young children, add Mother’s Beach to your list of places to check out. We love Mom, and Mom loves Mother’s Beach!