The residents of Newport Beach do declare as follows:

Noise, pollution and safety from airplanes are the greatest quality of life issue to most residents located near or under the departure pattern from JWA. The City Council of Newport Beach has not developed adequate public policy to recognize all of the impacts of John Wayne Airport. To date, discussions have been to resolve the issues in the Back Bay resulting in the changes from the FAA Metroplex Project.

The neighborhoods under the departing planes after the Back Bay have not been properly included in prior consideration and subsequent discussions of problems that need to be addressed. The City inaccurately refers to historic departure pattern when it originated over the turning basin and has changed over the years now narrowed to a pattern which has concentrated noise, pollution and the concern of safety.

The undersigned request that the City Council of Newport Beach develop a specific policy to address the impact of JWA on residents. This policy should be designed to provide the highest quality of life to residents and should state that planes should fly over the most water and least number of residents. The City should advocate a plan of relief for the neighborhoods that have constant noise, pollution and concern of safety from JWA.

The City of Newport Beach should work with other communities with similar problems, the airlines, FAA, the County of Orange, State and Federal elected officials and agencies using any effort necessary to provide relief to our neighborhoods.