Home is Where the Island Is

Are you still sporting that futon you had in college? You know the one with the Del Taco hot sauce stains and the lingering odor of Budweiser and sweaty socks. Well then – here is your interior design intervention.

Balboa Island is just the place to spend the day rehabilitating your home with some class, style and island chic.

Don’t think it’s all nautical niceties in this part of town. Balboa Island of course has your token seashells to display on your entryway console, but also has mid-century modern furniture, French-inspired accent pieces and whimsical knick-knacks.



If Palm Springs and Palm Beach were to have a baby (hey! It could happen), it would look something like Ornate, a rather new and colorful home boutique. Upon entry you are surprised at how small it is, but mostly how colorful and interesting the store is. Their furniture and accessories are inspired by the 1950s and 60s – with geometrical prints, and pops of orange and turquoise throughout. Although the store is small in size, customers can browse through a large catalog of goodies that can be special ordered. For those interior design buffs, it is like a mini version of Room Service and Jonathan Adler in Fashion Island.


Shirley’s Heart

This store has two front entrances, and rightfully so, they have too much to display for just one. Shirley’s Heart is an island paradise of tea towels, candles, wall art, novelty napkins and any other compactable accessory you can fit in your home. The boutique offers items for the home that give it the finishing touch – that USC napkin for under your martini or the “Where doggy goes, nothing grows” sign for your garden. Shirley’s is a great place to get custom throw pillows for your beachside cottage. You can find them here with maps of Balboa Island embroidered on them.


Island Home

One of the most iconic home stores on Balboa Island, Island Home is the epitome of fine island living. Many of the accessories you’ll find also at Roger’s Gardens, so you know their home selection is top notch. There is a wide array of design styles at Island Home. In addition to the usual island décor, you can find French-inspired accessories, Americana like rooster themed plates and plenty of holiday themed decorations. It’s not all serious at Island Home though. A humorous tea towel that reads “This home is protected by Killer Dust Bunnies” is an unexpected, yet perfectly hilarious addition to your home.