Early mornings on Balboa Island are an absolute treasure. As the sun peeks through over Newport Coast, the sky becomes a colorful brilliant sight, and the island is peaceful and silent except for the occasional seagull.

Walking the island, for fun or a workout, is worth the early wake up call. As you make your circuit, you won’t see too many people out and about. Besides a few regulars with their dogs, you’ll find yourself quite alone, especially during the winter months. The harbor is perfectly still, and the view has a much different feel with no boats moving through or people on the beach.

It’s an easy time of day to find parking, so just grab a spot on Marine Avenue or a side street. Begin your loop wherever you want – at the bridge or down by the fire station. Really, it’s all convenient at this time of day. A few of the businesses begin to stir in the early mornings – Dad’s and Starbucks are open at 5:30 on weekends and Blue Chair Bakery opens at 6:00 – so you have good refreshment options no matter how early you’re up at and ’em.

Set your alarm and enjoy!