Is Balboa Island Open For Christmas Light Viewing?

Balboa Island continues to be a magical place to view Christmas lights even during these trying times of Covid! Thanks to the island residents, many homes are wonderfully decorated for the 2020 season as they are every year.

  • The Balboa Island Ferry is open and operating. It has never been offline during the pandemic.
  • Bayfront Sidewalks are a great way to walk and view many spectacular Bayfront decorated homes. The main viewing ares is South Bayfront from Marine Ave to the end of the island.
  • Duffy Boat Rentals are a great way to view decorated Bayfront homes from the water.
  • Golf Carts and Automobiles are a great way to view all of the homes on the interior streets. Due to the alternating one way streets, you can zig zag from SBF to NBF on the street and then take the Bayfront alley over to the next street.

Where is the Hot Cocoa?

With Starbucks no longer open on Balboa Island, this is a serious holiday question and we have the answers…

  • Stop at Starbucks on Bayside and PCH on your way to Balboa Island. Mobile order is the quickest.
  • Sugar N Spice on Balboa Island
  • Crockers on Balboa Island
  • The Village Inn on Balboa Island

The Kids are Hungry… Where Should We Eat?

I feel your pain! Our affordable go-to place was Picante Martins Mexican Restaurant but that has recently sold and is no longer operating. Honestly, there are really no affordable dining options on the island at the moment. For affordability, I would hit the new Irvine Ranch Market on Marine Ave that took over the old Hershey’s Market location. It is at the 4 way stop on Marine and Park Ave, across from the Fire Station and The Village Inn.

For other dining options are favorites are:

  • The Village Inn
  • Ciao Italian Restaurant
  • Crockers