Every football season brings out loyal sports fans showing their pride. Balboa Island is no exception. Bright college logos dot the streets of this beautiful town, known for extravagant decorations for every holiday.

A recent unscientific survey showed that USC flags clearly dominate the landscape, followed closely by UCLA. Are USC fans really that prevalent in Newport Beach, or are they just the most passionate? One street sports a lonely Notre Dame flag sandwiched in between its USC neighbors. A few Cal flags and a Stanford pennant keep the California rivalry going.

The drive-by revealed that the remaining fans seem to be mainly from schools in the west – Arizona, Utah, Colorado and Colorado State. Boston College and Ohio State are the furthest from home. Surprisingly, the only SEC school represented is Alabama.

As usual, Balboa Islanders show some creativity, with “House Divided” flags and one home with banners hanging from five different universities!

As the playoffs get closer, expect more flags to appear!