Bayside Cove

The Bayside Cove community is located in the Balboa Island [...]

Bayside Cove2019-08-22T17:50:18-07:00


Homes in the Castaways community of Newport are elegant and [...]


Beacon Bay

The Beacon Bay community is located in the Lower Newport [...]

Beacon Bay2019-08-22T17:50:16-07:00


Eastbluff is bordered by Jamboree and Back Bay. The location [...]


One Ford Road

Welcome to One Ford Road! The goal of this master-planned, [...]

One Ford Road2019-08-22T17:50:20-07:00

Villa Point

Villa Point is a gated community bordered by Jamboree and [...]

Villa Point2019-08-22T17:50:24-07:00

Newport Coast

Newport Coast is the most westerly community of Newport Beach. [...]

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Versailles is a gated community off of Superior Ave near [...]


Villa Balboa

Villa Balboa is a gated community off of Superior Ave [...]

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Newport Crest

Newport Crest is in north Newport Beach. It can be [...]

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Newport Shores

Newport Shores is the most northerly community in Newport. It [...]

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Big Canyon

Big Canyon Country Club is a popular destination for home [...]

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Harbor Cove

Harbor Cove is a beautiful, gated community in Newport Beach. [...]

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Lido Sands

Lido Sands is a small community of about 300 homes. [...]

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Lido Isle

The Lido Isle area is probably one of the best [...]

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Harbor Island

Perhaps the most exclusive real estate in Newport Harbor, Harbor [...]

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Bayshores is an enclave of 249 homes situated on the [...]


Linda Isle

Originally a sandbar named Shark Island, this was the scene [...]

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