[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Basilic Restaurant Celebrates 20 Years of Award-Winning Swiss-French Cuisine[/section_title]
Basilic Restaurant Celebrates 20 Years on Balboa Island

Chef-owner Bernard Althaus brings back guest favorites from his original menu!


Since Swiss native Bernard Althaus founded the quintessentially intimate 24-seat Basilic Restaurant in 1997, it has become synonymous with fine dining on Balboa Island, and is a landmark destination for the island’s locals and visitors. As executive chef and proprietor, Althaus still serves one of the best Swiss-French menus and continues to curate a unique wine list for his patrons. This February, he also kicks off the restaurant’s 20-year anniversary.

“Many of our guests have been coming here and supporting this culinary journey since our early years in business, and for them and all our patrons, we are thankful,” Althaus said. “Balboa Island has come to feel like home, and our customers have become like family.”

After moving to the United States from his native Switzerland with his wife and two children in 1990, Althaus quickly got to work in the kitchens of some of the top chefs and restaurants in Southern California. But as a natural entrepreneur, he was destined to open his own restaurant. It was at this same time that Balboa Island was ripe for a culinary uplift. With the recipe set, he and his wife Arlette set to open Basilic. Arlette can still be seen front-of-house, chatting with guests, while Chef Bernard brews his magic in the kitchen.
In celebration of two decades in business, Althaus will be bringing back some of his original menu items as nightly specials throughout the month of February. For more information, visit www.basilicrestaurant.com.
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Located on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, Calif., Basilic Restaurant opened its doors in February 1997 with Swiss  executive  chef  and  proprietor, Bernard Althaus at the helm.  Named after the French word for basil – Althaus’ favorite herb – the intimate 24-seat restaurant has since proven that good things do in come in small packages. Althaus has since been spending his time perfecting his made-to-order dishes, making sure every plate is served to perfection five days a week. Basilic Restaurant is open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday, with service starting at 5:30 p.m.