One of the newest stores to hit Marine Avenue, also known as the “Balboa Strip” is Sinfulicious. Amongst the many individually-owned boutiques, restaurants and small businesses, Sinfulicious brings to the strip the presence of a chain store (this is their third store in three years) while keeping in line with the quaintness and small-town feel of the island.

What captured my attention and ultimately drew me into the store was the deliciously displayed bucket of cupcakes (which I now know were bath bombs). Little did I expect that my experience inside the store would be just as satisfying as my thoughts of biting into one of those delectable desserts.

On the day I visited, the store was filled with bright eyes, big smiles and lots of laughter from little girls overjoyed at the idea of making their own body lotion and soap. With over 200 scents to choose from, Sinfulicious offers an array of bath products to satisfy any nose that enters the store.

April, who was training on-site that day, said “I love working with the customers and helping them mix scents. Girls love making their own lotion and even older ladies like to come in. They will sit for hours mixing scents until they get it just right.” April, from the Palm Springs store, has been with the company for 2 ½ years.

Islanders and visitors alike will bask in the fun and excitement of creating their very own natural, organic and chemical free bath products. Scents range from popular colognes and perfumes, to fruity flavors, spices, florals, and one-of-a-kind‘s, like dirt. And yes, it really does smell like dirt!

Once you’ve chosen your product and scent, the next step is to pick your color. They can make almost any color, with the exception of black and red, to fit your personal taste or décor.

And did I mention the complimentary hand spa treatment guests receive upon entering the store? Before I could get both feet in, I was pleasantly welcomed and offered a free hand treatment. After being escorted to the rear of the store, I had a choice between two scents (a stronger and milder fragrance) and then the process began. As I went through the procedure of rubbing and rinsing, I skeptically thought to myself, “Here we go again, another beauty product claiming to perform miracles.” When I got to the point of massaging the lotion and oils into my hands, I was pleasantly surprised. Ahh, a sigh of relief to both my hands and my mind! My hands were as soft and smooth as a satin cloth covered in baby oil.

During the treatment process, April explained each product used and its benefit. The mixologists were extremely knowledgeable about the Sinfulicious products and seemed to be more concerned about my experience while inside the store than just selling me a bottle of lotion. This was a refreshing approach to the typical retail experience and ultimately made me want to invest in their line of products.

Rather you are visiting the island or are a resident, stop by the newest addition to the Balboa Strip and let your scent journey begin. Their mixologists are committed to assisting each and every customer with some individual “me time.” They will show you the top-selling blends in any scents and help you create your own. One of my personal favorites was eucalyptus and peppermint.

The goal of Sinfulicious is to open one store per year, with the next projected to open in LA in 2012. Stop in and let them whip you up an organic spa lotion or a mineral body scrub. Create your own personal spa at home by customizing your bath and shower products into your signature scent.

You get exactly what you want and it’s sure to be a sinfully delicious process that you will love!

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