Below you will find all available homes for sale located in Balboa Coves, Newport Beach. This is a gated community which can be entered into from PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). The gate is located right next to the Thai Restaurant, just North of Balboa Peninsula’s entrance.  All of the homes located in Balboa Coves are on the water. Some Balboa Coves homes have their own private docks directly in front of the house, while other owner’s docks are part of the community dock. Each owner has their own assigned portion when utilizing the community docks.

The Balboa Coves community is one of the most affordable communities for waterfront living in Newport Beach. Other affordable waterfront communities are Newport Island and Dover Shores.

Across the water channel from Balboa Coves homes, you have a view of Newport Island. The waterways are more narrow in this area of Newport Harbor. They are ideal for paddleboards, duffy boats and smaller watercraft. Due to the change in sea level and the bridge which crosses PCH to let traffic onto the peninsula, residents in this community are limited to smaller boats.

Please feel free to browse real estate in the Balboa Coves community and let us know if you have any questions or would like assistance with your home search.

Balboa Coves Homes For Sale

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