[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]What happened in January on Balboa Island?[/section_title]

January was a very busy month on the island for real estate! There were 5 new listings for sale on Balboa Island and 2 lease listings. No homes on Balboa Island had a price reduction. 1 home accepted an offer and is soliciting backup offers. 2 homes in escrow had their buyers remove contingencies and are scheduled to close. 3 homes on Balboa Island sold this month, 3 were leased. Search All Balboa Island Real Estate | Check Your Home Value

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]New Listings for Sale on Balboa Island[/section_title]

  • 126 Diamond – $2,299,000 (Duplex)
  • 213 Amethyst – $2,695,000 (Remodeled, great home for the price)
  • 116 Abalone – $3,195,000 (45′ lot Tear Down)
  • 220 Onyx – $3,495,000 (Re-listed for 3rd time, New Construction)
  • 220 Sapphire – $3,795,000 (New construction by Vitarelli)

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]New Listings For Rent[/section_title]

  • 220 Abalone – $2,600/month (Re-listed and leased)
  • 118 1/2 Opal – $2,850/month (leased)

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Price Changes[/section_title]

  • No Price Changes in January

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Homes accepting Backup Offers[/section_title]

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Properties About to Close (Buyer Removed Contingencies)[/section_title]

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Homes that Sold[/section_title]

  • 211 Ruby – $1,860,000 (Duplex)
  • 209 Opal – $1,920,227 (Duplex. Detached Cottages)
  • 114 Ruby – $2,200,000 (4 Bedroom Cottage)

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Homes that Were Leased[/section_title]

  • 118 1/2 Opal – $2,950/month (2 Bedrooms with a Large Outdoor Patio and Private Garage with Laundry after 21 Days)
  • 220 Abalone – $2,550/month (Re-listed and leased)
  • 125 Ruby – $4,000 ($500 below asking)

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]What’s your Home Worth?[/section_title]

Thinking about selling? Find out your home value instantly at www.balboaislandhomevalue.com

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[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Homes Currently For Sale or Lease on Balboa Island[/section_title]

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