balboa_island_art1When you live on Balboa Island, with its unbelievable views and intrinsically charming surroundings you get a little spoiled- let’s be honest. And our art culture has evolved around the nautical lifestyles that we lead. Our hobbies, décor and cuisine are all centered on beach living, surf sports and the fabulous warm Southern California weather so of course our artistic tastes follow suit as well.

Balboa offers several galleries with a variety of interpretations of beach focused art. With everything from the bikini to the famous Balboa Pier as their muse, local artists, photographers and sculptors seem to have no lack of inspiration for their beautiful works. From water color to sketches and wooden backed signage to hand carved stone statues there is an artistic wonderment to our little island home that should make every local proud of our heritage and contributions to the art world.

After all, with so many beautiful landscapes to capture and exciting activities to document local artists are always finding ways to savor Balboa’s culture on canvas. The next time you are wondering around the Island, pop into the local galleries and craft shops to view the contributions of local artists. You may just become inspired to try your hand at it too!