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April was a HOT month for balboa island for real estate! And it’s only getting hotter! There were 5 new listings for sale on Balboa Island and no new lease listings. 3 homes on Balboa Island had a price reduction. 4 homes accepted an offer and are soliciting backup offers. 2 homes in escrow had their buyers remove contingencies and are scheduled to close. 4 homes on Balboa Island sold this month totalling approx 13 million, 1 was leased. Search All Balboa Island Real Estate | Check Your Home Value

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  • 804 Park – $1,650,000 – 24 Days on Market. 2 Bedrooms, 2 Units. Half Lot.
  • 218 Onyx – $1,895,000 – Lot Value (Under Contract)
  • 126 Pearl Ave – $1,950,000 – 1937 Duplex with 5 Bedrooms Total (Sold Before Listed in MLS)
  • 221 Abalone – $2,388,000 – Little Island Beach Cottage with 4 Bedrooms
  • 127 East Bay Front – $7,298,000 – 6 BR Duplex, Private Dock, Oversized Lot, 4 Car Garage, Built in 2003

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[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Properties About to Close (Buyer Removed Contingencies)[/section_title]

[section_title heading=”h1″ style=”1″ text_align=”center”]Balboa Island Homes that Sold[/section_title]

  • 126 Pearl – $1,950,000 – 1937 Duplex with 5 Bedrooms Total (Sold Before Listed in MLS)
  • 118 Agate – $2,200,000 – Finally! Originally listed at $2,875,000 and expired. Then relisted by Abrams at $2,495,000 and expired to be re-listed a 3rd time with another broker at $2,250,000
  • 114 Diamond – $3,978,000 – This is proof that demand is through the rook. Build in 2012! Wow.
  • 1004 South Bay Front – $5,250,000 – Sold for Full Price

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