The old Park Avenue Bridge had a long, productive life and finally after years of getting permits approved, agreeing on the best design, and funding efforts the new bridge was born on July 25, 2017, with the construction beginning in March of 2016. Not bad considering the difficulties that come along with demolishing, designing, constructing, and managing a project of this magnitude on an island.

The original bridge was constructed in 1928 and has served the locals and visitors well for many years. The new bridge is wider by two feet on the street and one foot on each sidewalk. It also has stairs at all corners to which allows for easy access to the boardwalk.

Connecting The Big Island and The Little Island, our bridge offers a beautiful, scenic walk along the boardwalks of both islands. The new bridge ascetically, maintains the charm and quaintness Balboa Island is famous for. The distance around the Big and Little Island is 2.69 miles and is a common exercise route for locals and visitors alike.

There is no doubt that if our Park Avenue Bridges, past and present could talk they would tell stories of the many locals and visitors who have strolled happily over on their morning walks, on their way to breakfast, on their way to work, or just enjoying the spectacular scenery the island has to offer.