Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The tree is now up and the decorations are coming along quickly. The lighting festivities will take place Sunday night. You see the Christmas joy spreading throughout the Island. Each year, Balboa Island residents spend countless hours putting up thousands of Christmas lights on their home.

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!2009-12-04T16:56:33-08:00

Christmas Tree Traditions

Even with the rapidly changing life of today, some Christmas traditions never change, and Balboa Island has a lot of them. Our Christmas Tree is schedule to arrive on Friday, November 27 at the Marine Avenue Fire Station. Christmas trees have been a part of Balboa Christmas for generations. Today shared community Christmas trees are a common sight in many public buildings, shops, streets and churches on Balboa Island.

Christmas Tree Traditions2009-11-25T17:27:48-08:00

Christmas Shopping on Balboa

Balboa Island is counting down. Just 5 more days till Christmas...are you done shopping? If not, don't worry, Balboa offers a unique and diverse shopping experience. As Balboa's Christmas spirit sweeps over you like the tides of the bay, you will in fact find that perfect gift.

Christmas Shopping on Balboa2009-12-20T11:44:14-08:00
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