Balboa Island Homes For Rent

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Need to Find a Tenant for Your Property?

I have thousands of people on this website looking for Balboa Island homes to rent. We rank #1 on google for brokerages advertising rentals on Balboa Island. There is no need to list your rental on MLS at 5-6% of the first years rent to pay 2 agents. If you are looking for a tenant for your property, I will advertise your home, vet the tenants, and do the paperwork for less.  Contact me at

How to Find a Balboa Island Home to Rent

Trying to find a home to rent on Balboa Island can be quite challenging for several reasons. Balboa Island is an extremely popular place to live and homes usually rent very quickly. It’s great to have an inside source or help from a local resident or Realtor to give you an edge. Due to the mixture of rentals being annual as well as short term, vacation rentals (weekly or monthly) and winter rentals; you can find yourself finding options that are not what you are looking for. You may get excited about a low priced rental, only to find out that’s the weekly vacation rate.  Another difficulty is that there is no great single source of listings. They get spread out across MLS, Craigslist, local brokerages, word of mouth, yard signs. The island gets so much traffic, many rent solely off a yard sign or post-board note in 1 of 3 spots on the island.  If you are serious about finding a rental on Balboa Island, contact me at as my team is always up to date on the rentals available!

Finding a Vacation Rental