Balboa Island Homes With a Dock

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These homes have a private dock. Surprisingly, not all Balboa Island Bay Front homes have a dock. Many have moorings.

Balboa Island Homes with Moorings

Many of the bayfront moorings on Balboa Island are owned by individuals other than the bayfront homeowners directly in front of them. If you are considering purchasing a bayfront home and the mooring is included in the purchase price, then you may be lucky. Many bayfront homeowners feel obligated to transfer the sale of the mooring to the homeowner, however there is no reason for that to be so. Any bayfront mooring on Balboa Island should be able to sell for $25,000 if listed for sale on or If you purchase a home with a mooring and do not need it, make sure you get at least 25k when selling it. If you wish to sell your mooring, please contact me.  Shore moorings can accommodate up to an 18′ boat. If you have a larger vessel, you will need an off-shore mooring in one of the newport harbor mooring fields.

Balboa Island Homes With Private Docks

Having a bayfront home with a private dock is the ultimate dream for most homeowners. However, some bayfront homeowners do not have vessels and are willing to lease their dock to another person. If this is the case… a great place to advertise your dock for lease is on or as many Balboa Island neighbors are looking for a place to park their vessel.