Balboa Island Bay Front Homes For Sale

These homes have a Bay Front location. Most Balboa Island Bay Fronts have either a private dock or a mooring (if previous owners have maintained and transferred ownership with each sale). When it comes to bayfront homes on Balboa Island, not all Bay Fronts are alike! The price ranges vary depending on North, South, East or Grand Canal addresses in addition to whether the home has a mooring, private dock or neither. Take a minute to read about the differences in bay front locations below.

Everything you Need to Know about Buying a Bayfront Home on Balboa Island

The prices of bayfront homes on Balboa Island vary in range more than most islands in Newport Harbor. Balboa Island is very unique when it comes to bayfront locations on a given island. Homes on the South Bay Front of Balboa Island sell for a premium compared to homes on the North Bay Front. This is due to larger water views, sunset views and historical building views on South Bay Front. Bay front homes on the Little Island and Collins Island also sell for a premium for other reasons (see below).

the other perk is that North Bay Front and East Bay Front are most central in the harbor. If you are a boat owner, you will truly enjoy the lesser commute in an out of the harbor on each adventure.

North Bay Front Homes on Balboa Island

Homes on North Bay Front enjoy beautiful sunrises! The most famous part of North Bayfront is Ruby Beach, where residents from around the island will gather with friends and family to enjoy a designated bay front swim area. In the ruby swim area there are no boat moorings, so everyone can swim freely. There are currently talks for a swim platform. Residents and guests enjoy the open beach with umbrellas, paddle boards, kayaks and more.

South Bay Front Homes on Balboa Island

The South bay front sidewalk from Agate to Marine Ave has the most foot traffic. This is quite enjoyable if you love talking with passerby’s while enjoying your bay front patio. With open water views, sunsets and the Harbor Pavilion, Balboa Fun Zone and Ferris Wheel in all your pictures, there is no question why South Bay Front properties demand a premium. Another plus is that thes homes are most central in the harbor. If you are a boat owner, you will truly enjoy the lesser commute in an out of the harbor on each adventure. Another perk is the famous sand sculptures that Chris Crosson builds on a weekly basis for the last 5 years near Sapphire and South Bay Front. Chris and his family are a big part of the Balboa Island history and contribute so much to the island!

West Bay Front Homes (Collins Island) on Balboa Island

West Bayfront homes do not exist! This is the only cardinal direction for bayfronts which does not exist on Balboa Island. If you want to be West, you will be on Collins Island, which is as west as it gets. Collins was the original developer of Balboa Island and had made this island for himself. Today, Collins Island has a private entrance and 6 separate homes. These bay front homes sell for a premium due to their exclusive locations. These are the only homes on the island that do not have public sidewalks along the bay front. Your bay front is your bay front!  To access Collins Island, you will drive down Marine Ave to Park Ave and drive about 1 mile west to the end of Balboa Island where you will have gated access to this exclusive island location.

East Bayfront Homes on Little Balboa Island

East Bay Front homes command a premium for several reasons. First off, you live on little balboa island. This island, although close to marine avenue, is a quiet and convenient location. It is usually not a problem to find street barking on Little Balboa Island. Residents of the little island and East Bay Front are in close proximity to the action on Marine Ave, whether that is going to the Village Inn, another restaurant or shopping. Some of the East Bayfront homes have docks which can accommodate larger vessels and the harbor location in general in much more central, allowing boating enthusiast a shorter commute to their adventure!

Grand Canal Bayfront Home on Balboa Island and Little Balboa Island

The greatest benefit of this location is the proximity to Marine Ave. When it comes to living on Grand Canal you will enjoy a view of the canal and usually views of either the bay to the north or south. You will also get a lot of foot traffic in this area as well as demand from vacationers looking for vacation rentals or those in search of annual rentals.