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Balboa Island Mobile Real Estate For Sale Search iPadBy Featuring Your Home on www.balboaisland.com, Steve Roose with Luxury Real Estate ensures your property gets maximum exposure and sells for the highest price possible. Our strategic system focuses on marketing to the 4 major sources today’s buyers rely on to find a home. We market more than most agents and in the right places. Reaching the most buyers, results in a higher sales price every time.

“90% of buyers use the internet to start their search for a home
” according to NAR 2014 Home Buyers Report. Those buyers will land on www.balboaisland.com. Give your home the presence it deserves!
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Before marketing, we must first prep the property to look it’s very best and then capture this image. We accomplish this by completing the following tasks:

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Example Professional Photography Example Video Tour

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IDX syndicated websitesMLS – The MLS or “Multiple Listing Service” is one of the major advantages of hiring a real estate agent to market your home. Your property photos, details and description will be syndicated to 1,000’s of real estate websites on the internet. Not all agents take the time to complete the listing details thoroughly. Many agents fail to select the neighborhood tract, views, pool types and confirm the mapping location. When consumers search for bayfront homes, they may not see your home in the list.

Featured Listings – Your home is now all over the web… most agents stop there. We don’t. Which of the real estate websites get the most traffic? We know… and we pay to have your property featured on these websites. Most agents will tell you they are on zillow and other sites, but it’s usually just to capture the buyer leads, it’s not paid advertising that promotes your property over other listings on the site.

Video Uploaded to Luxury Real Estate’s YouTube and Facebook and Balboa Island’s YouTube and FacebookWe’ve sold homes to all cash buyers with quick closing based off of video alone. There is a reason our home video tours average over 1,000 views and reach international buyers. We go beyond uploading the video to actually configuring critical details, sharing socially and paid advertising.

Showcase Website – We will create a custom website, exclusively for your home, that showcases your property to buyers as well as appears prominently in search engine results. It’s all about your property, not our company or the agent. Utilizing this site in all brochures and paid advertising drives buyers to a beautiful, clean site that is solely focused on highlighting your property. Example: www.1108westbay.com

Email Announcement – Our extensive database of buyers, investors, real estate agents, brokers and influencers (over 1,000 subscribers) will receive details about your property and open house information via emails on a consistent basis.Social Media Marketing

Social Media Announcements and Advertising – A powerful strategy that sends your property details to other real estate professionals, buyers, investors and the community. With over 8,000 fans and followers, it allows us to instantly inform the people that matter most about your property. Our social networking strategies gain an incredible amount of attention on your property, which results in selling your home faster.
Luxury Real Estate’s: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube
Balboa Island’s: Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Paid Advertising: In addition to powerful SEO techniques that result in substantial amounts of organic traffic, we place specific targeted ads on websites and search engines that bring buyers directly to your listing. Buyers will continually see your property and be reminded of it whether they are on Facebook, YouTube, reading their email or searching the web for other information. We know exactly how to reach them.

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Just Listed Mailing

We send high quality property listing cards to 10 times the the number of households most listing agents reach. We market your listing to create the highest level of awareness in proven areas where buyers are likely to come from. Our print advertising is all about you and not us. We drive interest to your showcase website where they can view the professional photography and home video tour.

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Professional networking is an incredibly valuable asset and will differ depending upon whom you choose to work with and represent you. We can assure you that our professional networking abilities are substantially vast and effective. We are members of the Newport Beach Association of Realtors, as well as a member of several associations in the surrounding area. Our extensive database of buyers, investors, real estate agents, brokers and influencers will receive details about your property and open house information via emails on a consistent basis.

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Brochure CollageA critical step that most agents miss… leaving the buyer with something to remember. After amazing marketing that results in showings, we must leave them with a “wow” they can take with them. We custom design property brochures of the highest quality. They are extra large on thick card stock with a premium gloss coating. They showcase the home and professional photography. They remind buyers of the most important amenities and invite them back to the showcase website to view all photography and the video tour. Most buyers look at several properties in a day. At the end of the day they are in a blur. Having the most impressive brochure in hand will again make your home stand out amongst the competition.

“We are 100% committed to achieving life-long clients by surpassing their highest expectations!”

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