We Continue to Serve

You may have seen this patriotic truck or the matching van parked around the island over the past few months. If you have, you would have noticed this is no ordinary “Food truck,” this is a gourmet mobile espresso bar that is run by veterans to support veterans.

Tony Oxlade, the founder of Il Caccia Caffé (Italian for “The Fighter’s Coffee”) is a Balboa Island resident of three years. Tony is an Australian ex Naval Aviator and he has started this innovative company driven by his passion to give back to his fellow vets as well contribute to his new country of residence.

One of the first things you will notice when you see the truck is the patriotic theme with a flowing American Flag being the backdrop. The inside is nothing short of an upscale Italian café.

Beyond that, though, is what the company is really about….

A company that is run by veterans with the goal of supporting veterans; that is the heart of Il Caccia Caffé. Tony’s passion is to give back to veterans by providing them the opportunity to lead high quality lives with the respect and dignity they deserve, and of which they can be proud of through employment and/or franchise opportunities.

There are plans for ten more mobile espresso bars in 2018. You may see Il Caccia Caffé serving espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, and fresh Italian pastries at business centers throughout Orange County.

Please check out their website and read the full story at www.ilcacciacaffe.com

Written by Missy Oxlade