Hershey’s Market

Tony and Mina Hirshi were German immigrants who lived and worked for their sponsor family, the Kaufman’s. In 1949 they moved to Balboa Island, buying a small lot on Onyx and built their first home. They changed the spelling which was originally Hershi to Hershey. The Hershi’s then purchased two lots on the corner of Park and Marine where The Village Inn currently stands. The small restaurant was on one side with a nursery on the other and it was called Hershey’s Cafe and Nursery.

After the repeal of the prohibition Tony sold the nursery to expand his restaurant and Hershey’s Cafe and Beer Garden. Tony became the first business owner on Balboa Island to own a liquor license. In 1937 Tony and Mina finally purchase Wallie’s Market and by 1938 the market was remodeled and named the Market Spot.

Tony Hershey passed away at age 79. Mina Hershey and her daughter, Ruth continued to run the market until 1978. After 49 years, the family sold the market but held onto the property which still remains in the Hershey family.

Hershey’s Market is currently owned by a local business owner and is open 7 days a week!