Heavenly Couture

The official online store of your favorite fashion clothing store!Welcome to Heavenly Couture, where we offer Couture Clothes at Heavenly Prices. We are a fashion forward and innovative brand providing high quality fashion apparel and accessories. With store locations throughout California and Florida, we now serve our customers online. Heavenly Couture is a small family owned business that started as a small boutique in Laguna Beach in 2006. Our passion for fashion and high quality clothes all led us to become one of the fastest growing specialty fashion retailers.

With a variety of clothes and accessories sold at the best prices, we stay true to our name of being Heavenly. We believe shopping for fashion items should always be a positive experience. Our affordable value tags on each item are sure to delight you, making your fashion shopping experience truly heavenly.

Our Products

Defining Fashion Forward At Heavenly Couture, we are always on top of the latest fashions ruling the streets. We know what’s high in demand, what’s hot, and what’s fresh, and we strive to bring it all to you. Our goal is make all our customers best dressed and completely stylish! Whether you’re looking for a new outfit to wear to a date, want to indulge in some good value fashion shopping, or need a new pair of earrings just because – you’ve come to the right place!

It’s all here – we specialize in all types of clothes ranging from tops to jeans, dresses, etc. We also offer unique fashion accessories and home décor products. We now have items available for all types of girls because we don’t believe in generalization. You can be the sweet and pretty type, the hot and trendy, or the nerdy and casual, and you’ll still find the perfect items that suit your taste flawlessly. Additionally, we’re always updating our range to add more items, which means more options for you to choose from! Heavenly Couture always offers something new and exciting each time you decide to visit.

Heavenly Quality

Our philosophy is that fashion products should always be of premium quality – because you never know which item will become someone’s favorite. All our items are favorite-worthy! Just to get an idea of our diligent focus on quality, try touching the soft and lush fabrics of our clothes. With Heavenly Couture, fashion is durable, lasting, impactful, and comfortable.

Our Service

When you enter our clean, organized, and well stocked stores, you are treated like royalty by our sales associates. Our associates are fashion enthusiasts so you can trust them to always offer the right advice if you need a little fashion consultancy. Of course, our online customers are well accommodated with the best service as well. You can always contact us for any questions, concerns, or issues and our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be ready to help.