September 2016 Balboa Island Real Estate Market Update

What happened in September on Balboa Island?

There were 4 new listings on Balboa Island for rent… 5 new listings for sale. 4 homes on Balboa Island had price reductions. 1 home accepted an offer and is soliciting backup offers. 4 homes that are in escrow had their buyers remove contingencies and are scheduled to close. 2 homes on Balboa Island sold this month and 2 listings were cancelled or expired. Search All Balboa Island Real Estate

New Listings for Rent on Balboa Island

New Listings for Sale on Balboa Island

Balboa Island Price Changes

Balboa Island Homes accepting Backup Offers

Balboa Island Properties About to Close (Buyer Removed Contingencies)

Balboa Island Homes that Sold

  • 121 Garnet – Sold for 2.9m or 50k less than asking in 30 days
  • 202 Diamond – Sold for 3.040m or 110k less than asking in 103 days

Balboa Island Properties Expired, Cancelled and Withdrawn

  • 112 Onyx – Expired after 176 days on market at 3.9m
  • 220 Onyx – Cancelled after 139 days on market at 3.7m

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Homes Currently For Sale or Lease on Balboa Island

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