Balboa Island Ferry

· Boating


Adult $1.00
Child (5 through 11) $0.50
Child (under 5) $0.00Vehicles (Passengers are extra.):
Car and Driver $2.00
Motorcycle and Driver $1.50
Bicycle and Adult $1.25
Bicycle and Child $0.75

Commuter Pass Booklet Order Form:
For frequent commuters, Balboa Island Ferry offers a booklet with tickets for 30 crossings. Each ticket is valid for one car, including the driver. Passengers are extra. The cost for the commuter booklet is $35.00, a savings of 43% off the regular fare. To utilize this offer, please:

1. Print and enclose this page.
2. Include your check payable to Balboa Island Ferry in the amount of $35.00 per booklet.
3. Enclose a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your check.
4. Mail to: Balboa Island Ferry, 410 South Bay Front, Balboa Island, CA 92662.


Balboa Island, 410 South Bay Front, Newport Beach, CA, United States