Time for Some Deep Sea Fishing in Newport Beach

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Who’s ready for some deep sea fishing in Newport?! This video shows some of the great memories made on the water by tourists, locals, friends and family. We truly do live in paradise. If you’re ready to buy a property in Newport, give me a call! – Steve Roose If you’re ready to go fishing, SAVE 10% on all excursions with Davey’s Locker using the promo code below.

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Davey’s Locker Sportfishing offers fishing trips open to individuals, families, and all size groups. Trip lengths vary from our popular ½ day (5 hour excursions) and ¾ day (full day excursions) to overnight trips and longer. Davey’s Locker provides everything you need to make your trip a great fishing experience. Our Captains and crews provide years of fishing experience that is invaluable in helping to make each fishing outing relaxing and successful.

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