2016 Balboa Island Calendar Photo Contest

Balboa Fun Zone 03Do you have a spectacular image of Balboa Island or nearby iconic places? We would love to feature your photo in next year’s Balboa Island Annual Calendar along with credit to you or the appropriate photographer. Browse our Photo Galleries

Don’t have a photo? There is still time to capture one and submit it to us for consideration!  Some ideas are…

  • Twilight Shots
  • Seasonal Events
  • Marine Avenue
  • Grand Canal
  • Balboa Island Ferry
  • Balboa Fun Zone
  • The Wedge

Get creative and capture all that is “Balboa Island” in an image!

Please send your photos to mail@balboaisland.com


  • Julie
    2 years ago

    Is it okay to submit pictures with people I know in the distance?

    • Balboa Island
      2 years ago

      I believe so. Mainly we want to know you took the photo. I will have to ask to make sure we can print it with others in the background. I don’t see why not.

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